Des Moines service provider Georgios Symeonidis has been imprisoned on the bring about regarding robbery Saturday, since complaints installed regarding the owner of United states Artisan and Traditional Houses.

Symeonidis, fifty two, had been placed on a five bucks, 000 relationship in the Polk County Imprisonment. Des Moines Police Sgt. Jerr Halifax mentioned having been arrested on the crime robbery cost for claimed poor checks this individual composed to be able to Doug Honcho, chief, gaffer boss, some sort of plumbing technician who do work for the typical contractor on about three houses.

Honcho, chief, gaffer boss informed The Divers Moines Register Reader’s Watchdog which Symeonidis reflected inspections amassing $3, 200 and also owes him concerning $8, 500 regarding work with some sort of Drake area property owned by Kalai and Raj Govender associated with Los angeles, as well as two of Symeonidis’ very own properties.

Symeonidis had been topic of two earlier Watchdog content in may, following a number of visitors complained.

He said ghouls had been grounds perform slowed on the home inside the Drake community. This individual discussed of screams his workers noticed and an old picture that he said exploded within the hands after this individual picked up inside your home.

On Monday, Arteum S. Brodeur, one of Symeonidis’ workers, struck a deal along with prosecutors to have a good Alford plea on a demand regarding fourth-degree theft. Brodeur and Symeonidis were accused associated with taking GPS surveying equipment really worth regarding $12, 500 in 04. A Polk Region assess provided Brodeur 109 days arrested, time he’d currently offered.

Brodeur, 20, who have earlier convictions for theft and also robbery, wrote about the courtroom announcement documents that he functions for Symeonidis’ firm, American Artisan. But, he or she furthermore claimed he’d simply no income.

Symeonidis a new expertise analysis heading in to a pre-trial ability to hear Thursday on his own second-degree fraud demand for that claimed tools theft. He had been found qualified to face demo, which can be likely to occur sometime this particular slip.

About Thursday night, some sort of Cumming man that sold Symeonidis a house in Urbandale about contract said Symeonidis is definitely federal government bankruptcy filings to stop your pet from evicting the company from the home.

Paul Evans said he or she put $35, 200 into the property before marketing it up on Symeonidis trapped on video tape. Symeonidis late the shutting, saying he was waiting for money from the career he’d in the state of california, this individual said. The particular contractor’s above assessments for the downpayment bounced, he or she mentioned.

Kalai Govender previously informed the particular Sign-up which Symeonidis held giving pressure i den forbindelse to cable him cash to start out the girl remodelling job, but the girl sent him certified assessments instead. The girl said the girl thinks Symeonidis utilized area of the $30, 000 the girl and her spouse gave him or her for that makeovers to buy the Urbandale property whilst their divorce will be unresolved. Region data display Symeonidis shut on the Urbandale home shortly after obtaining cash from the Govenders early on this season.

However , Evans stated, Symeonidis is unsucssesful to cover him or her since the downpayment has been done, along with other people have already been squatting in the house. He or she mentioned he submitted conventional eviction papers and also altered the actual hair, yet Urbandale authorities permitted Symeondis to re-enter the home.

Evans, fifty-two, mentioned Symeonidis was able to postpone the eviction procedures when he registered individual bankruptcy regarding the business inside Apr.

When which situation has been dismissed with an US ALL trust­ee, Symeonidis filed bankruptcy some day ahead of the 2 were designed to head to the courtroom again about the eviction, this individual mentioned.

Through filing personal bankruptcy, Symeonidis should not be instantly evicted.

Evans mentioned his home has been broken into several times and it is being erased through squatters. “All types of people have been arrested right now there, ” he said. “The home is simply being ruined, and I have to simply sit down here allowing this happen. ”

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